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When we began our pitch process to engage with an outside contractor, we didn’t think we would find anyone that could match our requirements since the role was so diverse. The needs of the business were to recruit someone who could write and proof copy, technically manage our website and liaise with developers and our design team, manage our on-going customer communication plan including emailers, promotions, our in-house magazine and our entire brochure production schedule, AND enhance our internal communications with the exact tone of voice as our company culture.

We will be forever thankful that Justine, who I had worked with in a previous life, had since started her own Virtual Assistant business, Virtually Indispensable as not only did she match all our requirements, but has now enhanced them to a level I didn’t feel possible for someone who wasn’t employed in the business. Justine is simply the best. Her attention-to-detail is second-to-none, and her ability to keep a project going and hitting deadlines when departments in the business have lost focus ensures we deliver our projects on time and in keeping with our brand values. I have worked with many talented people; however, nobody delivers work like Justine – I do sometimes wonder if she is indeed human, which I can confirm she is, by her excellent sense of humour, which is often required during stressful times.

Since working with Virtually Indispensable, our briefs have become much less detailed as Justine really has got under the skin of our business and become an extension of our in-house team here at EDEN. I wouldn’t recommend Justine to any other company; she is a secret that shouldn’t be shared! But, if you do have the opportunity, then I wouldn’t bother going through a pitch process. Justine will deliver for you, time and time again. A wonderful individual and ‘master of our universe’ who will take away the stresses from the most complicated of projects or simply add something that you just hadn’t considered.

Paul Beacall

Co-Founder & Managing Director, EDEN Luxury Travel

I reached out to Justine when I hit a part of my career where I had too many plates spinning. As well as being a journalist, I was running events, running a co-working space, several websites and I was worried about dropping the ball.

Justine came in and with organizational skills that seemed almost superhuman to me, put everything in order, meaning I was once again on top of things. The most extraordinary aspect of her work was that she would just keep her ears open and if she overheard you worrying about something would proactively look into it for you.

As far as working together, I clearly love her organizational skills and her taking the initiative above and beyond the call of duty but it’s all done with such friendliness and humour that she’s a real pleasure to have around, even if it’s only virtually.

Justine more than satisfies whatever you expect of her and always gets back to you immediately. I would give her a top five out of five for everything and can’t think of a single thing she could do to improve the service I received. I would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone looking for assistance.

To find someone this organized and this conscientious who is also a whole load of fun to deal with is more than I could have hoped for. Please don’t steal her away. 

Simon Gage

Journalist, Copywriter & Campaign Creator

I needed a creative copywriter for a client I was designing editorials and booklets for at the time, a sail making company for Superyachts here in Mallorca. It had to be someone I could trust, that knew how to write for luxury brands and produce quality copy on what was rather all a last minute request. There was no doubt in my mind who I could call and rely on for the job in hand. Justine provided just what was required, and more, all within the timescale and budget. I had worked with Justine in the past before, on luxury travel brochures that I was designing, and knew that with her versatile writing skills that she would come up with the exact tone of voice for this job. I was right! Justine never lets me down and I highly recommend her copywriting services. I will most definitely continue to use her services as my first port of call when I need a copywriter of caliber. That is of course if she has any availability for me, because with her talent and skill she is always in high demand.

Jill Hudson

Creative Designer, Hudson Creative

“Justine was an integral part of our team. One of her greatest accomplishments was project-managing a major Sales Conference in Frankfurt. She was in charge of co-ordinating the whole event for 250 American Express European Sales Staff (hotels, air travel, event details, transfers), pre- & post-event literature production, pre- and post-event excursions, as well as organising airside security passes & the closing party set in an on-site aircraft hangar. It really was a remarkable achievement.” 
Mark Turner

Chief Commercial Officer, American Express